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Field Data Collection

Field data collection is a complicated process that needs lots of resources. A Project Manager has to create many well defined forms before handing them to field workers who collect field data. The field workers carry all their paper forms and equipment to remote locations and after the job, carry it all back to the office. So while collecting data, field staff may enter information wrongly or miss some data, making it really difficult for managers to identify the problems. This consumes your time and fixing the issue may incur additional costs.

Field data collection software works on mobile devices. While using field data collection software, all forms will be digitilised and kept inside in sequence so that team won’t miss filling in any details. Many of the mandatory fields are validated through coding, so there's no chance of blank entries. If they fill in a form and submit it with a signature, the admin or project manager gets notified instantly and can check whether everything is fine from their office. It does not simply help to fix data entry errors, but it cuts down your cost and time. We hope this is clear how it will help your business’s growth. Some of the main features of data collection software are listed below. For more details, request a FREE call back or fill in our enquiry form.

A Quick Glance Of The Benefits When Moving To Digital Field Service Data Collection

  • Increase efficiency.

  • Reduce manual entry mistakes.

  • Eliminate repetitive entries or details.

  • Real time tracking of staff.

  • Runtime work progress tracking.

  • Device friendly software.

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