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We are a company of designers and software developers

We passionately believe that unique tailored software can transform your business and we are excited to share it with you.

We are a free thinking, fun loving, disciplined and talented group of designers, software developers, strategists, marketers, project managers and business developers assembled to build amazing apps, services and products.

Our Story

ISH Designs

ISH Designs was born in July 2012, when we started designing in a small room with 2 designers. Within 6 months, we realised our growth and started thinking and analysing our work. We felt that we were doing same as everyone else and had to do better …

We worked with a few clients and after 6 months, they started increasing their development requirements which encouraged us to realize the role and importance of developers. We welcomed 2 more developers into our team.

As the team started growing we felt we needed to improve our digital knowledge because technology is moving at a tremendous rate. People love to mobilize their businesses and technology wars to capture the world market has forced all IT companies to move to a unique company strategy or workflow, so that they can enjoy the real benefits of business, gain profit sand to grow.

We started adding our team of freelancers to the payroll and by the end of 2013, we had 6 people working in our company. Our goal extended to specialising in users' experience. We researched technological developments and studied business problems in depth. We understand technology alone can’t solve everything, but it can have a revolutionary effect by providing apt and best fit solutions to real problems.

The Start of ISH Technologies

We thought we needed a special type of company to develop our technical culture, involvement and innovation by focusing on mobile and web apps. After 18 months we started ISH Technologies, while keeping ISH Designs, to manage and communicate with clients to thoroughly understand their problems as we worked together with them to produce great results in excess of their expectations.

We understand that while working with our clients, we are able to produce designs and apps as early as possible. ISH Technologies works as an individual wing that specialises in programming works like custom software solutions, mobile applications and online database development.

EIGHT Things we have learned

01To do our clients' jobs in a unique way, as we know your business is unique to you and you are unique to us.

02If we do your job well, we will get more good jobs.

03The growth of our business does not depend on adding 100 staff, but making our existing staff understand the real vision and mission of our company. With this philosophy, we can all head towards a common goal, irrespective of hierarchy.

04We don’t implement our corporate values because it is not going to do anything foryour business. But we will sit and write down your values because we know it will create an impact on your business.

05Your property is yours. We share our code with you and our tools too. We are confident that what we create for you is unique.

06We always change our tactics because we know yesterday’s solution won’t fit today, but we keep our values while growing.

07We don’t say YES to all, we will pick what we are great at and will say No to others.

08We always strive to maintain our reputation because we know profits follow only if we nurture our reputation.

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